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Britco Pork Inc. is not your typical pork processing operation.  Our key partnerships with our hog producers allow us to manage the whole value chain.  Mass production is the norm in the pork processing business, and many of our competitors can process more hogs in one hour than we can process in an entire day. Our niche in this competitive business is in providing service levels and product attributes that are beyond the scope of our major competitors.

Quality Starts on the Farm
Our relatively small size allows us to be very fussy about the hogs we buy. The first condition we have is that we will only purchase from producers who are accredited under the Canadian Quality Assurance (CQA) program for hogs.
But this is only the starting point in our hog quality program. Producers must not only commit to provide hogs that meet our quality conditions, but they must also agree to adhere to our hog production, animal welfare, and progressive quality improvement policies.
Our proprietary "trace back" system gives all of our producers' internet access to extensive reports on the quality of their hogs. This program is the backbone of our progressive improvement initiative, and it gives us the ability to guarantee that our pork products are not only great tasting, but were produced with a "farm to fork" commitment to quality.

Adding Value through Quality Management

There is a great deal of science involved in the production of quality pork. The transformation of Britco Pork Inc. from a small scale abattoir to a specialty pork plant involved a complete reconsideration of every step of the production process to determine where changes could be made to enhance product quality.
This process resulted in material changes to equipment and product handling protocols at every stage of production. State of the art refrigeration systems were installed to provide enhanced refrigeration capabilities and real-time monitoring of all systems and temperatures on a continuous basis.
Enhanced sanitation systems were installed throughout the plant to improve plant sanitation processes. And perhaps most importantly, our Quality Assurance department initiated an enthusiastic campaign to make good manufacturing practices a part of our corporate culture.

Our promise to you... "A comprehensive commitment to pork quality and food safety"

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