What's new at Donald's

Donald's Fine Foods launches five new Savoury Choice Marinated Beef & Pork items. These new items provide the consumer with quality, expertly seasoned meat products that are fresh and ready to be grilled.
Key attributes are:

  • a great eating experience,
  • ready-to-cook convenience,
  • packaged for safety and shelf-life,
  • great value for the dollar.


 The five new items are -

  Mesquite Rodeo Steak 
  Smokey BBQ Rodeo Steak 

  Teryaki BBQ Boneless Chuck Short Ribs
  Tuscan Style Pork Capicolla Steak
  Center Cut Pork Loin Chops - Wild Garlic
In conjunction with our great partners at Sunhaven Farms, Donald’s is pleased to announce ABF (Antibiotic Free) Pork!

  • A Home Grown Healthy Alternative
  • No antibiotics used
  • No food preservation agents added to meat.
  • Uniform colour and marbling
  • Remarkable taste, tenderness and juiciness


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