We invite you to enjoy the great taste of Paradise Valley Free Range Pork, raised exclusively for Donald’s Fine Foods by Sunderland Hog Farms.

The Sunderland Family have spent many years perfecting their system for raising free range hogs because they believe that their system is not only good for their hogs, it also produces the best tasting pork.

They use Camborough hogs on their farm in Paradise Valley, Alberta in order to take advantage of that breed’s reputation for flavour and quality. But they say that the real secret to producing hogs with a traditional pork taste is the diet and exercise program that is part of their free range production system.

Their hogs are free to roam in large outdoor paddocks which feature water fed mud-holes for summer wallowing, and large straw bedded shelters for year round comfort. The freedom to root and dig in the straw and mud not only results in contented hogs, but assures a quality pork product with a richer more traditional pork taste.

Self feeders are strategically placed throughout the paddocks to provide all hogs with ready access to a nutritious vegetable-grain based diet that is free of antibiotics and animal by-products.


In fact the Sunderlands grow more than 75% of their feed requirements on their own farm, and purchase the rest from their neighbors in order to ensure the best quality feed for their animals.
The Sunderland family is very proud of their free range hog farm, and we think you will be just as pleased with the quality and taste of Paradise Valley Free Range Pork.

Paradise Valley Free Range Pork
Great tasting pork raised the old fashioned way.

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